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Advanced Technology


We’re a New York Interactive Marketing helping people to market their business themselves.   Start with our latest Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Interactive Apps technologies that are getting massive results. 
Hurry!  Most most people have not caught on yet!  

In 2020, automating processes without affecting the personal touches of your business, will be the chalk line between success and failure.  Automations require less human attention and give you the ability to scale your business.  Which side will you be on?  

Here are 3 of the latest technologies to help get you started:  

Chat Bots

Interactive Video

Social Media


TIME - 2/10

DIY-Advanced techonology

Interactive video is proven to get more engagement, give brands credibility and increase ROI.

With a little bit of creativity think of what you can do to promote your company and gamify educating your potential customers.

Make them yourself in minutes with video you already have with our Interactive App.  

Start Interactive Marketing today!

** 15 Day Money Back Guarantee!


TIME - 8/10

DIY-Advanced techonology

Chat Bots!

Our Funnel Bots are not your average Chat Bots.   Most Chat Bots are lazy POS’s that sit on the bottom of your website doing nothing more than taking the occasional message.  These guys give Bots a bad name.  

 Awesom-O says “Laaame…!” 

If you are doing Facebook Ads or spending all your days explaining or displaying your business to people,  interactive marketing with a Funnel Bot could change your life.


TIME - 2/10

DIY-Advanced Technology

Grow your Social Media Accounts

Social Butterfliez is an automation technology that allows you to set and forget the actions that you should be doing every day to build your social media accounts.  

 If you want to grow your accounts and you don’t have the time or patience to manage it all day, Social Butterfliez could be for you.

Get our Interactive App today!


  • Instagram 
  • TikTok
  • Twitter


TIME - 2/10

DIY-Advanced Technology

Explainer Videos

Need to explain your product or service to a large audience and keep them engaged?  

Make an animated video yourself, quickly and easily.   Then let your new video do all the work for you.

If doing it yourself isn’t your thing.  Let us know and we can make it for you. 


TIME - 6/10

DIY-Advanced Technology

Funnel Hacking

If Russell Brunson or Tony Robins taught you anything it’s that modeling what’s already working is a fast track to creating success.  Funnel Hacking is popping the hood on and reverse engineering your competitor’s sales funnels to do just that. 

Before now the only way to do this is to purchase your competitor’s products and document their sales flow.  Even then you won’t see their entire funnel. 

But now you can uncover their full funnel, including hidden pages, and discover the secrets to their success without having to purchase their products!    Get our Interactive app today!

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Advanced technology

Mass Media and Press

Supercharge awareness with blasting your brand and message across major media, social and digital outlets like FOX, ABC, USA Today, Forbes, Google News, Yahoo Finance and hundreds more.  

  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Skyrocket Credibility and Trust
  • Immediate Traffic Spikes
  • Long Term SEO domination

     The 1 – 2 Knock out Punch!  Incredibly powerful!

Advanced Technology

Whatsapp | SMS | Messenger Marketing

When you get a message on your phone do you see it?  It’s probably something you notice and read right away, right? 

Your email campaigns tend to get themselves caught in spam filters or never get opened. 

Start communicating with your customers where they will actually see it. 

Start Interactive Marketing today!

Advanced Technology

Vacation Angel
Property Management

If you have a vacation rental and are looking to do less work and make it more profitable, our team of marketing experts can help.  

To learn more and find out if your property qualifies clicking the Learn More button

Advanced Technology

Give-a-Ways, Contests and Sweepstakes

Make the word ‘fun’ a Brand association by gamifying your lead gen.

Quickly increase brand exposure while gaining targeted leads, customers and social followers.  

The big winner in this contest will be you!  

Advanced UX and UI Customization

Web Design and Integrations

Interactive Marketing As long as websites have been around they are still crucial to your business.  User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are now pinnacle to the success of your site.  If your site is not Mobile optimized, visually engaging, user friendly; or just plain loads too slow, it could end up robbing you of business.

Pennoni Pasta

Organic Peas

Wheat Grain

Content creation

New York City Video and Photo Production

  • With over 2 decades of Photo and Video production experience, we can handle any size content creation project.

We are New York based Casting Directors, Photographers, Editors and Agency all in one,  giving you a cohesive and streamlined production team working in alignment to bring your vision to life. 

  • 3D Video for Real Estate
  • Fashion and Product 

Building a business online?

Development & Operations Consulting

We want to help you build and grow your business online  

  • Starting a business from A to Z
  • Programs and Applications
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Automations and Optimization
  • Websites Development / Shopping Cart
  • Small Businesses
  • Management Companies
  • Property Management / RE
  • Fashion Brands
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs