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Surge traffic to your Funnel Bot and automate qualifying & collecting leads on an effortless new level.  

What You Get:

A Complete, Done For You Funnel Bot / Facebook Ads Solution!  The 1-2 Punch For Powerful Customer AcquisitionFacebook Pixel Setup For Audience Data CollectionResearched And Customized Audience TargetingDaily monitoring And A/B Testing Of Your Ads.Utilization Of Our Technology For Analytics & ResearchRe-targeting Of Customers And Highly Interested ProspectsYears of Facebook Ads Experience From Professional Facebook Ads Specialists

What to expect:

More Qualified And Warm LeadsSegmented And Tagged Leads Automated Into Your CRMReceive Text Messages or Email Alerts The Moment A Hot Prospect Is Qualified With The Thresholds You Determine.Happier Leads With Less Questions Because Your Bot Already Answered Them.Focus Attention to Hot Leads Rather Than Wasting Time On Tire Kickers

The Bottom Line

Kickstart Brand AwarenessHoard Customer DataLegendary SalesConvert LeadsStreamline Data OrganizationEconomize Customer BuildingEpic Social Media Follower & Engagement rates

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 $1299 / Month

 An Insane $700 off!

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After I check out, what next?

After check out we will make an appointment to speak with you and go over your order.  This will usually happen within 24 hours.  

We will begin working on your order right away.

Typically Facebook Ad campaigns get the best traction in Month 3 and 4.   The first month is typically testing and collecting data.The first month requires the most work in data collection, research, making multiple ads then A / B testing to find the winners. 

Once proven winners are established we move full speed ahead by allocating more money to those campaigns.

Are there any contracts or monthly obligations

The industry standard is a minimum 3 month contract for Facebook Ad Management. 

  The first month of Facebook Ad Management requires building out and constructing the entire campaign and strategy for your business.   It’s a lot of work! From a ROI standpoint the first month is a loss for the Agency.  ( Even at full price )  Additionally, the first month is focused primarily on testing and data collecting.   Seeds are just being sown.

This is done to ensure the success and most economical allocation of funds for the future campaign.   For this reason its necessary for agencies to lock in a 3 month minimum agreement.  

HOWEVER,  We do not!  If you are not happy for any reason, stop at any time.   Campaigns are on a month to month basis. 

You have no risk.   Stop at anytime!

Are there any other expenses in addition to the Facebook Ad Management?

Yes.   The management fee DOES NOT include Ad Spend.   

Ad Spend is the amount of money that goes to Mark Zuckerberg to list your ads on Instagram and Facebook.   This is a pass through expense. 

These funds are entirely up to you and will determine the amount of Ads that will actually be advertised on Social Media. 

A typical month of Ad Spend is between $500 and $1500 per month but it will be something we will discuss and advise you on.  It will be contingent on your business and goals. 

** With the exception of the first month.   The first month will usually be $300 to $500. 

How do we pay for Ad Spend.

Your credit or debit card will be added to Ad account so that you are paying Facebook directly.

Its the least complicated and streamlined way and this way you KNOW that your getting what you pay for. 

**BEWARE of Marketers collecting or billing you themselves for Ad Spend!   They tend to not allocate the full Ad budget to Ads and pocket the difference!  If they do bill your directly ask for documentation to ensure you are not getting ripped off!

If the first month is the most work, why are you giving such a huge discount?

1.  We are a new company looking to make a name for ourselves, collect great testimonials and get the word out!  

2.  We believe in building trust and providing value before putting our hand out.   Not the other way around. 

3. We want to help you succeed so that you can afford to pay us in the coming years! 

How will I know how my Ads are performing?

At the end of each month we will make you a custom analytics report to track the metrics you care about most.   

Your monthly report will give you:   Cost Per Conversion,   Click Thru Rate,   Cost Per Click,  Total Sped

Ad Engagement:   Impressions,  Audience Demographics,   Clicks,   Conversions,   Views,   Video View %’s,   App Installs,  Checkouts,   and much more. 

Save over 60%!

*This is a one time offer.  *This offer will not be available again, ever

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