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If you like automating your message you’ll love a Funnel Bot

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9 Amazing Things a Funnel Bot will do for you!

Funnel Bots are super Chat Bots we custom build for your company

Answers Customer Questions

Step 1

Tired of answering the same customer questions day in and day out?   Funnel Bots handle these task like champs.  

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Multi -Converse

Step 1

Your Bot can have hundreds of conversations at one time!  If you have a lot of traffic and limited human resources your Bot will blow your mind.

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Never On Hold

Step 1

Your Bot is ALWAYS ready to answer questions.  Never lose a lead because they were on hold or waiting for an answer.  

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Qualify Lead

Step 1

Your Bot will question and qualify your leads to separate hot leads from tire kickers. You set the qualifications!Sales will skyrocket  

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Integrates into your Facebook Ads

Step 1

Your Bot will immediately answer anyone who engage with your ads and help skyrocket conversions.  

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Lead Gen

Step 1

Your Bot will integrate with your CRM or Email Manager.   It will segment, tag and organize your contacts for future strategic campaigns.  Watch as leads funnel into your list instantly.  

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Improve Engagement

Step 1

Your Bot will give your customers exactly what they want when they want it.  Give a memorable customer experience and a strong brand image.  

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Reduces FB Ad Cost

Step 1

Organizing your Funnel Bot to answer your ads is not only more efficient but FB gives you a lower cost per click. Checkmate!  

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Send Assets

Step 1

Send images, videos, carousels and documents over chat.  Think of the endless possibilities to dazzle and entertain your audience.  

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How Your Bot Order Will Work

“For every Funnel Bot order there is a $500 deposit required to begin construction.   

The minimum price for a Funnel Bot is $500 for a completed custom Bot.

Once your deposit is received we will schedule an appointment to discuss the details of your Bot and give you a final quote. If at ANYTIME before we start building your Bot, you decide its not 100% exactly what you want, or not an amazing price, simply log into your customer portal at www.interactdigitally.com and press cancel!Receive an immediate, 100% full refund, Guaranteed!

No risk, no questions asked”

John Paul Pfeiffer

CEO |  Interact Digitally

Test one out before you buy

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Who are Funnel Bots for?

ANYONE RUNNING FACEBOOK ADS!Real Estate CompaniesHotel / MotelsVacation RentalsAgentsDentistsDoctorsMarketing AgenciesContent CreatorsSchoolsHealth & Beauty CoPhysical TrainersAthletesGymsHotels / MotelsRetail StoresRestaurantsLegal FirmsTravel AgentsPet ServicesVeternariansPublic FiguresInfluencersDigital AgenciesRestaurantsStoresAnd Many More…

$500 Funnel Bot Credit


Risk Free, Full Refund GuaranteeNo ObligationsCredit Can Also Be Used For Any Other Interact Digitally Product Or Service  Add to my OrderSave over $300No ThanksContinue to Checkout

Who’s using Chat Bots for their Business?

Gary VeeNeil PatelDominos PizzaCasperDisneyMarvelUnicef

Your Questions Answered

When is my credit good till.

Your credit is good for 6 month from the date of purchase.  We will never offer this crazy price again so it will need to be redeemed within 6 months.

 If at anytime, prior to us building your bot, you feel its  not 100% exactly what you want, just log into your customer portal at www.interactdigitally.com and click cancel.   No questions asked.  You will receive a full refund.

You are also available to apply the credit to any other product or service of Interact Digitally if a Bots not right for you.

Either way you have no risk in accepting this offer.  

After I check out, what next?

After you complete your purchase we will make an appointment to speak so that we can go over all details and collect information on your business.  We will need this to build and customize your bot.  We’re making this baby for you specifically!   We want to hear you say “WOW!”

After learning about your business we will give you expert advice and suggestions on how your Bot can best be utilized.  

How long will it take to build

After our initial consultation we can usually have your bot ready for you in under 72 Hours!

Lets get this guy working his but off for you ASAP!

What is included in my order

Your Funnel Bot order includes the first month of Bot Hosting as well as our time and resources to build you a fully functional and customized Chat Bot. 

After speaking with you we will give you options, features and prices for Bot upgrades.  You are under no obligations to add features.

At Minimum, your order will include one month of Bot Hosting, Maintenance, and Bot Education.  

What is the Bot education process?

 All bots go through a break in period where we are constantly analyzing your Bots conversations, looking for errors, and frequent questions your Bot is unable to answer.  This is a time consuming process.  We then correct and teach it how to respond in the future to make sure your leads are getting quick and perfect responses.  Your Bot will continually  be learning. 

  Like an aging wine Funnel Bots get better with time. 

Can I manage my own Bot?

Absolutely!    In our initial conversation just let us know if your desire is to eventually operate your own Bot. 

 In the first month we will fill you with tons of  information and tools to teach you.     We can walk you through your Bots systems to make sure you have it all under control by the end of the first month. The price of this education alone is worth the price!


Is Facebook Ads or FB Ads Management Included?

No.     Facebook Ad Management and Ad Spend are completely separate items from your Bot.  

 If you choose to make the great decision to run FB ads to your bot we are happy to either collaborate with your Ads Manager to integrate your Bot or we can Manage your Ads for you.  

Ideally we would manage both to prevent any barriers to making sure that your Ads are optimized and that the cost of your Ads are low as possible.   We have an extremely strong team of Facebook and Google Ads specialist on our team.  

Are there any additional Bot Costs?

Bots have inherent monthly hosting fees. 

We include your first month of Bot hosting FREE with your purchase!

If you choose to manage your own Bot:

Hosting fees range from $14.25 to $49 a month depending on your bots features.

If you choose for us to manage your Bot we will first discuss with you all options including pricing,  for you to make your decision.

Rates range from $50 to $299 a month.  * Bot Hosting included!

You will never be charged for something you did not approve and sign off on ! 

*all pricing is subject to change

Are there any contracts or monthly obligation?

Absolutely Not!   You are free to cancel at anytime. 

There are no contracts or obligations what-so-ever. 

Continue only if your Bot is kicking ass for you!  

How do I cancel?

If at anytime you wish to cancel simply log into your customer portal.

Go to www.interactdigitally.com and click CUSTOMER PORTAL in our menu.  There you will  have complete control of your entire account. Simply press cancel and you will no longer be charged.

No one questioning or giving you push back. 

Easy Breezy!

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