John Paul Pfeiffer

“Hello,  my name is John Paul Pfeiffer and I am the owner of Interact Digitally.   Over the past 20 years, Interactive Marketing  I have started and built several unique businesses operating them single-handedly while also doing all my own marketing.   I lived under the fire of having to market my own companies or fail. Interactive Marketing

I’ve taken the tools and strategies that work and, in many instances, combine them with other working strategies to compound results.   I love creating unique strategies, automating them, and watching long term benefits from short term work.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way but have learned what’s hype and what’s legit.   How?  Because I test it all myself to find out for sure! 

 By taking advantage of the best technologies and tactics available and working at the time, I’ve been able to run several companies with no help and generate well over $500,000 per year.   

I started Interactive Marketing to teach and enable other entrepreneurs to be self-sufficient in operating and marketing of their business, just like I have.  I can only benefit so much from all my experience so I want to share it with you.   At Interact Digitally you will only find products, technology, and services that are personally proven to me as being amazing and effective. Interactive Marketing

If you have some thoughts or ideas of what you want to accomplish but not 100% sure of where to start, what programs to use, or how to reach your end goals,  I’ll be happy to speak and at the very least offer you some free advice. Interactive Marketing

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Interact Digitally is a new kind of digital marketing agency specializing in Interactive Marketing.
Most entrepreneurs are do it yourself kinds of people.   We have a unique offer from most other digital marketing agencies in that we let you choose how much you want to do.  


1. Offer you the tools, technology and the training to manage your own marketing yourself.   You should be able to do as much of the heavy lifting as you want and outsource the rest. 

2. Offer full service done for your marketing.   If you prefer to spend your time on other things we will be happy to take over as much, if not all, of the marketing  needed for your business.

Every client and every business is different.  We love coming up with creative and unique strategies for different businesses. Interactive Marketing is the new way to engage with your audience.

So lets chat and see what we can do to start getting you more traffic, more attention and more sales through Interactive Marketing and Interactive Apps.