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Automate your Instagram or TikTok
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Not just for models and influencer. 
 It'll work for you too!

6 Amazing Things Social Butterfliez does for you!

Social Butterfliez is a Social Media automation platform. You always maintain full control.

Turbo Boost Engagement

When you give more you get more.  It's the Law of Reciprocation.   Expect to receive more Page Views, Post Likes, Comments, DM's.
Always from REAL people and REAL accounts. 

Super-Human Technology

Butterfliez will search out targeted accounts according to the user activity and profiles you set. 
Finding these accounts yourself would take days or weeks.

Gives you the Power

Being active on your Social Media is necessary to growing your page.  Set  Butterfliez to copy and repeat what you normally do and Turbo Charge it!
 Prepare for epic growth.

Send's Automated DM's

Send Automated Direct Messages (DM's) to be delivered to your followers or targeted users, when you decide.  You set the message and the parameters.

Great for welcoming new followers and building relationships!

Scours for Niche Users.

If you know the profile of your perfect customer Butterfliez magically seeks out and engages with other similar users.
Brilliant way to find new customers.

Schedules Your Posts

Exhausted from posting every day?  Set your future posts all at one time and spread them to the date and time you wish.  

Take your mind off Social for a while!

How Your Free Trial Will Work

"We will give you all the tools, tutorials and free training to start building your Social Media accounts for yourself.   We love teaching and empowering people to succeed for themselves.   

Butterfliez is for Instagram, TikTok and Twitter accounts only right now. 

Butterfliez will help you gain followers, likes and dramatically raise your pages awareness. 

Test it our for 3 days to see what you think.  We will be available to answer any questions or issues you have along the way

After 3 days, if you don't believe its worth way more than the low price of $29.99, simply let us know and you wont be charged.   

If you love it, just keep using it and you will automatically be charged every month for the service, tools and support and training."

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John Paul Pfeiffer

CEO |  Interact Digitally

Who is Social Butterfliez for?

Your Questions Answered

When will my service start

You will get started today!  

* For the free trial you will be able to sign up immediately after check out and get started.  

* For the Social Butterfliez Management you can expect to be contacted and speak to John Paul within a few hours of your order.  

 Your account will start gaining followers within the first 24 hours!

After I check out, what next?

After you complete your purchase your check out page will provide you the link to sign in and get started right away.

 If at anytime you need help just click the CONTACT menu option on any of our sites and our Funnel Bot will get you in touch with John Paul as soon as he is available.  

Your will always receive personalized and speedy support.

What is included in my order

Your free trial will come with a Training Seminar on how to set up and use the Social Butterfliez Platform.   

In the training will learn how to run the platform as well as receive a wealth of knowledge and insights on promoting and marketing your Social Media.   

This is information collected over years of Managing Social Media accounts.

 Other online courses charge hundreds of dollars for less and don't come with the technology.

This information alone is worth well over the monthly price. 

You will receive it FREE even if you cancel within the trial period.

Any Guarantees?  What if I don't get results?

The Social Butterfliez platform is a technology that is only as powerful as the person running it.   For the Do-It-Yourself subscription its entirely dependent on the work and knowledge you put into it.  We'll give you the tools but it's up to you to make them work.   For this reason we can not give any guarantees for the D-I-Y platform.

For our Social Butterfliez Management we offer a monthly guarantee that if you do not gain at least 200 new followers the month is free!   We can either refund you the month or extend your service another month.   You decide. 

If you take our advice in the free 30 minute consultation, provide strong content and copy, you can expect to gain a lot more than 200 followers per month.   

We'll be there giving you advice all through the process to make sure of it! 

 If you don't succeed, we don't succeed!

Are there any additional costs?

No.  The costs included in the Social Butterfliez Platform are flat fees.  Nothing else to buy!

Same for the Social Butterfliez Management.  This will cover all the expenses needed to get great results. 

Are there any contracts or monthly obligation?

Absolutely Not!   You are free to cancel at anytime. 

There are no contracts or obligations what-so-ever. 

Continue only if you are happy and seeing results! 

What happens after the first 2 months of Social Butterfliez Management?

After 2 months your subscription will end.  


We hate when companies bait and switch you with their enticing free trials or temporary deals and then you later find months of high charges and fee's on your statements for something you never wanted.  Ever have this happen to you?

NOT COOL!  We're not that kind of company.

2 weeks before the end of your 2nd month we will  speak with you directly to see if you would like to continue the service or not.   At that time we discuss if we have any further promotions available.   

But don't worry!  We're not going to charge you our regular price without making 100% its what you want first!

$49 / Month for 2 months of Social Media Management

$798 Value for just $98

This special  limited-time promotion will not be seen again.  Take advantage of your one chance to get this great deal right now.  Click the yellow button to add to your order and you'll receive a free 30 minute consultation with John Paul himself.

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